Even though digital transformation is no doubt the key to success in today’s marketing, under half of all business owners and leaders still do not have a vision for it. Moreover, most of them are not even prepared to make an investment for the process and do not know how much they needed it.

If you are leading this post, you are one step ahead of your journey as these top 5 steps to speed up digital transformation in your company guide, proving that you won’t take your company to another level.

Step#1:  Build A Clear Digital Vision

To achieve a successful transformation, you, as a leader, must explore how digital can change your business flow, including products and services. Moreover, you must analyze it in both the external and internal part of your current position.

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Make sure that you come up with a clear plan that guides your team and company to digital vision that can offer benefits for your team and customers. Still, remember that this step crucial for a leader to take responsibility on.

Step# 2: Create A Leadership That Has Digital Mindset

Digital transformation is a process that you can pursue it half-heartedly. You must have to be fully committed to the process of transformation of yourselves before implementing it to your company.

According to research from Bridge back in 2016, it is unfortunate that the leader spends only one day a month to discuss their digital strategy with their company. Thus, make sure that you are pursuing digital transformation yourselves first.

Step#3: Developer A Digital-First Culture

Most leaders wrongfully think that digital transformation is about changing their business model. However, digital transformation is more than that, it requires transformation from end-to-end.

 Step#4: Build A Customer-Centric And Functional Business Model

Companies have been creating a large functional team that makes them inefficient in handling customers and visitors. Moreover, it leads to a loss of profits and sales in the long run.

Digital transformation requires you to create a small yet customer-centric and functional team. This team can operate several services, including IT, customer services, finance, sales, marketing, and many more. In other words, it is just like a startup company.

Step#5: Make the Best Use Design Thinking

With the startup approach mentioned above, it creates and delivered new products and services that have become top brands in the present. However, remember this, it is a method that does not deliver a finished product but it tests your idea and makes insightful feedback.

Companies that have been offering the same services and products to their customers do not welcome the design thinking method. This is because it challenges their culture, process, and even technology.

To successfully implement a digital transformation, you must be open-minded the design thinking method. Thus, make sure to release your ideas, gather the feedback, and learn from it.

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