Digital transformation is your essential step towards success. Check out this post, how IBM can lift you to your transformation journey.

What Is IBM?

IBM or International Business Machines Corporation is a multinational information technology company that produces hardware for computers, including middleware and software. It was founded back in 1911 which was called CTR or Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company and was renamed in 1924 as IBM.

IBM is well known for its consulting and hosting services, ranging from computers frame towards nanotechnology. It is also considered as a major research company as it recorded most patents for 26 years.

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This company is responsible for creating ATM or Automated Teller Machine, Hard disk drive, Floppy Disk, DRAM or Dynamic Random Access Memory, etc.

Top Services

  • Digital Workplace Services

Top companies nowadays have their workers functioning physical and virtual connected environment. This is because it creates a better and smoother integration of a business process.

With the IBM digital workplace service, you can effortlessly improve your company’s flexibility and productivity. Moreover, these new technologies and models empower you to create a digital-friendly environment in your company, allowing more personalize customers interaction and multi-device usage.

IBM also comes with features that allow you to receive support anywhere and anytime you want. With its AI-Powered service, it gives you higher resolution technology while cutting down live agents.

  • Big Data and Platform Services

To succeed in today’s marketing, your data is the most essential part of your company. Moreover, you need a real-time tool that can monitor, manage, and build a structured data environment.

Unfortunately, companies are now facing fragmented data because of the rise of data insights and using multiple cloud vendors. But with IBM Big Data and Platform Service, things are different.

IBM can directly aid you in custom data and analytics monitoring, empowering you to have complete control of the data you have while producing the right solution. It also comes with methods like engineering and operation, blueprints, roadmaps, and many more, optimizing your company’s data.

This brilliant company offers end-to-end service with specific expertise and process to tailor you in creating simpler and accessible data. Thus, it accelerates your company’s ability in data-driven business process and outcomes. 

  • Business Process Automation

Intelligent digital operation is one of IBM main services, helping thousands of companies around the world to achieve better transformation. It offers you advanced AI and process automation to come up with a better quality business process, minimizing risks and lessening costs.

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