What is digital transformation logistics? You can have more awareness of this topic. If you want to understand more information, read this study.

What is Digital Transformation Logistics?

In the current business environment, digital transformation is a key strategy. Also, it is to fully benefit from the opportunities of digitalization. 

Some companies start this with a digital transformation strategy, others realize that a digital transformation is a necessity for their survival. In both cases, a change is necessary to make the company fit for the future.

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In the course of digitization, all areas of business are affected: from sales and marketing to production and service. Underlying all these areas is logistics: how do we get things from one location to another?

Digitization Brings Change

Digitalization of logistics means that processes and systems are increasingly automated and controlled by software or robots. Also, this makes it possible to provide customers with new services such as ‘just in time delivery.

The digitalization of logistics changes the role of logistics. Logistics is no longer about just handling physical goods, but also includes the management of data flows. Therefore, logistics is increasingly referred to as ‘logistics in the cloud’. 

Digitalization Makes Things Easier

The digital revolution has made many things easier in life, logistics is no exception. For example, the planning of transportation routes is much easier with software than with pen and paper. 

Also, all levels in your supply chain can be online, which means less administrative effort for you. The software can also be to monitor actual performance against targets. 

Digitalization makes it possible to tailor the logistics services to the customers’ individual needs. For example, customers can monitor the status of their shipments online. 

Key Element

Digital Transformation is a key element of the transformation of logistics. It is about making logistics faster, more flexible, and more efficient. At the same time, it makes logistics more customer-oriented. 

Forms of digitalization are: online booking, omnichannel sales, sending goods by drone or robots, using 3D printing to produce spare parts on-site, etc. 

The role of logistics is changing because of digitalization. Instead of being a mere service provider for physical products, logistics will also be responsible for the data that flows through it. 

Logistics must keep an overview of all data involved in the delivery of a product. This data includes the status of the delivery, the location of goods, and the loading and unloading status. 

Companies want to be able to monitor the entire life cycle of a product. This is called ‘data integration’. 

Benefits of Digitization

The main benefit of digitization in logistics is that it makes processes faster and more efficient. This is partly due to automation and partly because you can monitor your logistics processes in real-time. This gives you greater insight and more control over your operations. 

Furthermore, with digitization, you can easily adapt processes to changing circumstances. This also increases flexibility and agility in your operations. New business models may emerge in the future, but you can easily keep up with these changes. 

It also brings benefits to the customer. For example, it is possible to track your shipments online in real-time. This means that you are always aware of the status of your shipments. 

Digitization has many benefits in logistics, but this does not mean that digitization will solve all problems. The digitization process itself brings new challenges in logistics. These challenges must be taken care of in the digital transformation process. 


Digitization is the key to the future of logistics.

If you implement a digital transformation strategy, you must ensure that all processes fit together and that all data flows are monitored. This may be difficult at first but later becomes second nature.

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