Digital transformation is changing companies perform their business process. With tools like Cloud Machine Learning Engine, you achieve the transformation faster.

What is Cloud Machine Learning Engine?

If you are looking for a tool that is can predict analytics for any data type and size, then Cloud Machine Learning Engine is the right tool for you. This tool comes with a platform that boosts by Google services, including Google Cloud Speech and Google Photos.

With this brilliant tool, you can now optimize and utilize its framework to build a better model and solution. Furthermore, you can use the Cloud Machine Learning Engine to manage other existing platforms.

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This solution tool comes with advanced integration features. It works with popular soft like Google Cloud Dataflow, allowing you to gather and retrace information and data from multiple storage sources.

Overview of Cloud Machine Learning Engine Benefits

Scalable Machine Learning

With this tool advanced features and platform, you can design equipment learning types of different sizes for just about any kind of info. The platform can easily train versions in a group and control them intended for thorough and place predictions which can be utilized simply by a bunch of users and may support large amounts of info.

Integrated Platform

Cloud Machine Learning Engine can easily integrate with Google Cloud Dataflow. Thus, it allows you to get into info in diverse cloud info databases such as Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery, and more. This way, they can easily pull and push information from and to various services.

 Automatic Scaling

Cloud Machine Learning Engine can weigh scales to support your requirements. The application’s connection to the Google global load handling servers allows developed applications to scale instantly and be available to users in any section of the world. In addition to that, the system supports the transition coming from training to prediction through the web-affiliated prediction solutions.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine Pricing Plans:

Cloud Machine Learning Engine comes with a free trial for you to try it out. It other plans like model training for US $0.49/hour/ML Training Unit, Europe/Asia for $0.54/hour/ML Training Unit, Prediction US for $0.10/thousand predictions + $0.40/hour, and Prediction Europe $0.11/thousand predictions + $0.44/hour.

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