Companies nowadays are starting their first step towards digital transformation. However, it is not an easy task to do without correct guidelines.

Digital transformation is known for improving the company’s process, boosting productivity, increasing customization, and so on. Moreover, it integrates big data into the organization’s workflow.

In this post, we present you with top digital transformation lessons from senior leaders.

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Lesson#1: CEO Support Is A Must But Not Enough

There is no argument that digital transformations require undivided support from the CEO, empowering the process to a huge success. Still, the support is not enough.

The process needs full support from other executives that responsible for making decisions, controlling budgets, managing resources, to name a few. Even if you like it or not, these elements have major impacts on your success and failure.

Lesson#2: Infrastructure Comes After IT

According to most experts, digital transformation cannot succeed at all without the help of IT, which make sense as technology needs IT architecture. Moreover, even though you do not possess the most advanced tools, experts suggested that you should still start creating applications and services to test it out. The reason behind this is that the process can still momentum, experience, and focus even it is still not elegant.

Lesson# 3: Digital Efforts Requires Talent, Technical Skills, and Culture

To success in digital transformation, your company needs talented people. These include possessing technical skills that can develop and acquire other talents.

Even though it sounds simple, most companies failed to do so due to the fact that finding the right talents and skills for developers and data scientist is not easy. The best you can do is to establish the right culture known as a digital ecosystem.

With the right environment and culture, developing the right people will not be a difficult task anymore. Moreover, reports claimed that it will develop your company to be more agile and flexible organization.

Lesson#4: Digital Needs The Right Ecosystem

Digital transformation cannot succeed without innovation and ecosystem. To achieve this state, you need to implement and acquire data, technologies, and services. Thus, it will lead to better results.

Lesson#5 Speed Is The Key

Experts agree that one thing that makes executives think most about digital transformation is the speed of the implementation process. In other words, you should start thinking about applying this transformation now as countless leaders regret that they should start it sooner.

What is Digital Transformation?

One reason why people get confused about what this solution is, it is because digital transformation will look different for every business. When your company applies this method, it will completely different from what you saw from another enterprise.

Digital transformation can be defined as an integration method that combines digital technology into all areas of your business. It then results in improvement and changes to how your business work or operate.

Moreover, this process can be considered as a cultural change that pushes companies and enterprises to improve their status quo, experimenting trial and error. In other words, this system can change your entire business process, building new and improve practices that result in a huge success.

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